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Štefan Prokop

I help you design and create secure apps and Solana smart contracts or teach your developers to write secure code.

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Security First Developer

About Me

I help startups, organizations, companies and entrepreneurs to design and develop their backends, APIs, chatbots and services / microservices.
I teach and train developers to write secure code and build secure applications.
I studied Software Engineering and Web Development on CTU (Czech Technical University) in Prague.
I create backends, APIs and software for almost 10 years, chatbots for 6 years and Solana for 2 years. I am focused on software security the whole career.
I worked for companies like Volkswagen, SKODA auto, Economia, Livesport, WITTE Automotive and several agencies.
I use Node.js, Rust, PHP, Google Cloud Platform, Firebase, AWS, (no)SQL databases, message queues ... I am comfortable with most of the backend technologies.
I like public speaking and writing. I am familiar with project management, leadership and human resources (onboarding, offboarding, recruiting and developer relations).
I am a freelancer (for more than 5 years) and digital nomad, currently I am working from Vienna (Austria).
I lead a healthy lifestyle - interested in biohacking. I would rather go for a walk than a beer.
I like jogging, going to the gym, meeting new people, reading, watching F1, and I am interested in personal growth.

What Do I Provide


IT Security Consultancy

  • Security of the backend, API and web applications
  • Security of code training for your developers
  • Security design for your applications
  • Security code reviews
  • Independent security audits of your applications
  • Security research
I Want Web, API or Backend

Software Development

  • Security first solutions
  • Software architecture and cloud design


  • Web apps - complex web solutions, internal and custom systems
  • Backend and API - connecting third-party services, chatbots, REST API / GraphQL, microservices, IoT, server & serverless solutions


  • Smart contracts (programs) written in Rust
  • Web3 apps - mint page, custom launchpad, Web3 integration
  • NFT projects, Metaplex configuration, generative art scripts
I Want Solana or Web3 App

My Work


Trdelnik logo

Trdelnik - building the open source tool for testing Solana programs written in Rust - building the open source tool for testing Solana programs - open source Solana testing tool

WeShare logo

WeShare - building the car API communicating service and REST API for apps - building the car API communicating service - car communicating service

Passwd logo

Passwd - building the password manager for teams and Google Workspace - building the password manager - password manager

Carolina logo

Carolina - building the REST API for car management mobile app - building the REST API for car management mobile app - car management app

Centrum.cz logo

Centrum.cz - providing and processing news, creating widgets and optimizing speed - providing and processing news and widgets - data processing and optimizing

Vaření.cz logo

Vaření - building the GraphQL server and microservices, upgrading the system - building the GraphQL server and microservices - building GraphQL server

Hopi logo

eDriver - optimizing data queries and data processing - optimizing data queries and data processing - optimizing data queries

Nigel Onboarding logo

Nigel Onboarding - building an onboarding Slackbot, connecting third party services - building an employee onboarding Slackbot - onboarding Slackbot

Kniha výzev logo

Kniha výzev - building the eshop, app for challengers and the landing page - building the eshop, internal app and the landing page - eshop and internal app

Hour Rates (without VAT)


The price list is only indicative (incomplete), if you are interested in a detailed price list, please contact me
5% of each order I donate to foundations or non-profits that help animals or the environment

Development & Research

from $50

  • Security first Web / backend / API / Solana development
  • Software architecture design
  • Technology research and analysis
  • PoC / MVP development
  • Documentation and technical writing
I Want Development & Research


from $60

  • IT security consultation
  • Web / backend / API / Solana consultation
  • Source code security consultation and security code review
  • Technical product management
  • Developer relations (DevRel) marketing
  • Employee teaching and training
I Want Consultation

Are you a foundation or non-profit? Don't hesitate to contact me! I will do my best to help you.