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About Me

Security First Backend Developer

I help startups, organizations, companies and entrepreneurs to design and develop their backends, APIs, chatbots and services / microservices.
I studied Software Engineering and Web Development on CTU (Czech Technical University) in Prague.
I create backends, APIs and software for almost 10 years, chatbots for 6 years and Solana for 2 years. I am focused on software security the whole career.
I worked for companies like Volkswagen, SKODA auto, Economia, Livesport, WITTE Automotive and several agencies.
I use Node.js, Rust, PHP, Google Cloud Platform, Firebase, AWS, (no)SQL databases, message queues ... I am comfortable with most of the backend technologies.
I like public speaking and writing. I am familiar with project management, leadership and human resources (onboarding, offboarding, recruiting and developer relations).
I am a freelancer (for almost 5 years) and digital nomad, currently I am working from Vienna (Austria).
I lead a healthy lifestyle - interested in biohacking. I would rather go for a walk than a beer.
I like jogging, going to the gym, meeting new people, reading, watching F1, and I am interested in personal growth.


What Do I Provide

If you are interested in the technologies I use, look at my stackshare

Backend Development

Server or serverless solutions for small, mid-sized or large systems and applications. API for mobile or web applications. Microservices which process the data or connect systems to each other. Connecting the app to third party services or other backends. Chatbot as a customer care center for eshop, slackbot or any other implementation. IoT - from the smart locks to cars controlled by smartphone.

Solana Development

Creating security first smart contracts, web3 apps, NFT projects on Solana. Solana smart contracts (programs) and security audits. Solana NFT Metaplex configuration, mint page, custom launchpads, and generative art scripts.

Research & Technical Writing

Technology research and analysis of your company needs, current technology trends or new technology. Creating the MVP or PoC. Not only technical articles for your company blog. I write about Node.js, JavaScript, TypeScript, backend technologies and services, Rust and Solana.


My Work

Read the recommendations of my clients on LinkedIn
  • I have a set of tools and processes which helps me to work and deliver faster
  • I learn new trends, techniques, skills and methods permanently
  • My software is as secure as possible
  • My software is simple to extend and maintain for a very long time
  • I write technical documentation and document all the nontrivial parts of the code
  • I choose or recommend services and technologies that suit the best, not what I like or what I can do quickly

Client Products

Trdelnik logo

Trdelnik - Testing tool for Solana programs

WeShare logo

WeShare - Sharing electric cars (backoffice app)

FlashSport logo

FlashSport - Sports news aggregator

Passwd logo

Passwd - Password manager for teams and Google Workspace (SaaS)

Carolina logo

Carolina - All the info about your car in mobile app

Centrum.cz logo

Centrum.cz - Portal which provides news, email, weather and other features

Vaření.cz logo

Vaření - App with thousands of recipes and cookbooks

Hopi logo

eDriver - Backoffice app for logistics company called Hopi

My Products

Nigel Onboarding logo

Nigel Onboarding - Onboarding chatbot for your Slack workspace

Kniha výzev logo

Kniha výzev - Paper book and app which is full of challenges

Certificates & Memberships

Hackerlab certificate

Penetration Tester

Oracle certificate

Database Design

Solana certificate

Solana Blockchain Developer


How It Looks Like

The individual steps are indicative only, they may vary depending on demand - look at the way of working together
  • You can contact me via email or contact form
  • You will send me all the necessary documents (specification, scope, info about the project)
  • I talk to competent people only
  • I will send you my supply with the informative price
  • I will send you terms and conditions and my detailed pricing
Preparing the assignment
  • You will send me a final specification
  • I can help you with the specification during the consultation hours
  • We will sign a contract
  • You will pay the proforma invoice (the price will be specified individually)
  • Programming and team coordination
  • Code review, security testing
  • Preparing the training for you / your employees (if necessary)
  • Final project test
  • Handover report creation
  • Result of the work confirmation

Pricing (without 21% VAT)

Hour Rates

The price list is only indicative (incomplete), if you are interested in a detailed price list, please contact me
5% of each order I donate to foundations or non-profits that help animals or the environment

Research & Writing


  • Technology research
  • Technical analysis
  • Writing the technical articles


from $100

  • Security first Solana smart contracts
  • NFT projects for Solana
  • Security audit for your app (possibility)
USDt, USDC, SOL or BTC acceptable

For the consulting service please contact me via email.

Are you a foundation or non-profit? Don't hesitate to contact me! I will do my best to help you.


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